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Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 2.0

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New Year, New You? Do you need some motivation, a clear cut meal plan or a detailed workout program? Our Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 2.0 is it! A clear-cut 30-day meal plan with a calorie calculator, grocery list ideas, meal plan examples, full workout video with a voiceover, workout breakdown and so much more. Our first challenge was a BANG but this one is different - different workouts, same goal, same results. Keep the curves snatch the waist!

Workout right from home!  All you need is resistance bands, ankle straps or ankle weights and at least a 20lb dumbbell or two 10lb dumbbells - the heavier the better! If you don't have weights, modify with what you have at home. 

If your goal is to lose weight, gain or “tone up” this challenge will be beneficial. Sent to you as a digital PDF copy this ebook is 57 pages and yours to keep forever. 

Customer Reviews

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J Henny
Loved it

Out of the many fitness programs I have purchased The Curves Challenge 2.0 has been the most effective. Meal samples are realistic and the results are real.

Kimberly Avance
Love the new version

I love the new version of Get Snatched. I don't like HIIT workouts but these have been nice. I love the variety it offers and the intensity of workouts. I am continuing to see great results. Thanks for another great challenge.

Carlissa Tamara Small

New Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 2.0


If you have low self-esteem and want a chance on gaining back your confidence THIS is something to look into the work outs and the day to day carb intake was a major help, I look forward to joining the challenge again so far so good 🙏🏽

Lisa Ottey
Great workouts!

Workouts that work! Get sweaty and strengthen total body. Love the program and the food tips! Challenge myself with so much personal reward.