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Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 1.0

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There's nothing wrong with trying to trim your waist, tone up & shed some body fat WHILE keeping your curves. A clear cut meal plan with a full 30-day breakdown of exercises, grocery list ideas, calorie calculator, cardio HIIT workout options and more! This challenge is like no other.

No gym It's okay workout right from home! All you need is resistance bands, ankle straps or ankle weights and at least a 20lb dumbbell or two 10lb dumbbells - the heavier the better, the more options the better. If you don't have any weights, modify with what you have at home. More results, no excuses.

If your goal is to lose weight, gain or “tone up” this challenge will be beneficial, please read the e-book thoroughly. The e-book is 58 pages including a workout breakdown with a voiceover of me instructing you on how to do the workouts. Very detailed and packed with tons of information.

You may add this 4-week program into your workout routine.

Customer Reviews

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Starting this journey has help with my carb in take and also for me to strengthen my core. So far I’ve lost 2 pound and will continue to strive


Your body will start to change within just the first week!!! Many meals to choose from so you never get bored. The first week is tough as it should be as your body gets used to the many workouts but I promise you won't be disappointed with your results. After 4 weeks my curves are popping and my tummy has gone down. This workout challenge is the real deal!!!

Highly Recommend This Challenge

While doing this challenge every week I was seeing results. This challenge is perfect for everyone trying to get back on track like myself doing this challenge encourage me to keep pushing after seeing amazing result after 4 weeks, I recommend buying the challenge, it will definitely help you reach any weight loss goals and of course having communication with Mansarée helped along the way always there to answer an question you have.

Cici Lewis

Really enjoyed this workout and meal plan, I love the balance of high carb , low carb, and no carb with the meal examples.
This challenge really helped with my stomach and helped me reach my goals and eating healthy again.
ENJOYED the workouts .
MOST definitely worth the purchase, will be continuing the challenge and meals plans

Nikki W.
Omg...Talk About Results!

Words cannot express how happy I am that I signed up for this challenge. This program got me on track not only with my workouts but by conditioning my mind to put myself in control my success while understanding that I am stronger than my obstacles.

The results are in and I’m ecstatic to share that in 30 days I definitely GOT SNATCHED AND KEPT THE CURVES. I’m down 13.2lbs and a lot of inches:

Thighs ⬇️1.0”
Arms ⬇️1.25”
Waist ⬇️2.0”
Hips ⬇️1.25”
Chest ⬇️2.5”...yes I need a new bra🤣

Seriously though, if you want results this is definitely a great program to do and the person guidance you get from Mansarée is a bonus!