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Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 4.0

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*Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 5.0 will commence April 18th*

Get Snatched Keep The Curves Challenge 5.0 is back & just in time for summer! Get a chance to win $500 cash while getting that body snatched in 28 days! 

This e-book has 60 plus pages with each workout day including a full workout breakdown with a voiceover from your trainer instructing you on how to do each exercise. Also included is a clear cut meal plan, the full 28-day workout breakdown, grocery list ideas, calorie calculator, cardio workout options and so much more. You can literally train at your own pace anywhere! All videos are accessible on your desktop or mobile device. Your ebook is sent as a PDF file upon purchase. 

  • Resistance bands short and long ones
  • Ankle straps or ankle weights
  • A pair of light dumbbells for upper body & 1-2 heavier dumbbells for lower body 
  • Bench or couch
  • Jump rope
  • Gliding discs
  • Yoga mat for comfort
  • Gym accessibility (not needed but recommended to maximize results)

If you don't have access to the gym there are modifications included to help you get the same effectiveness & results right from home. If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or “tone up” this challenge will be beneficial. By following the workout guide and reading through the ebook thoroughly you will get the results that you want!

This challenge is CLOSED! You may add this 4-week program into your workout routine without participating in the actual challenge. 

Customer Reviews

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Carlissa Tamara Small
Name speaks for itself!

Definitely a challenge, but once you get through the first few days you feel you can accomplish anything. There is no way you cannot see results after completing this challenge.